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Why make sourdough breads


Making bread is always considered a challenge for anyone who loves to cook. And whoever embarks on the adventure of learning how to make bread, at some point, will come across natural yeast. And once you learn a little more about natural yeast, you'll want to know more and more and master this technique, but let's start with the advantages.

What are the advantages of natural fermentation bread

  • Flavor. Yes, natural fermentation bread has an intense and pure flavor. Much richer than the taste of traditional breads.
  •  It stays good for consumption longer.
  • Digestion is easier because of slow fermentation
  • It is healthier because it has a lower glycemic index and helps balance the intestinal flora
  • It's more nutritious overall.

But what is natural yeast? 

Water and flour. More than that is not necessary to make natural yeast. Nature does most of the work. In other words, microorganisms. Therefore, it is also called wild yeast.

This is the process that lasts an average of 7 days and you just need to take care that the microorganisms have the best conditions to proliferate. That is, you will create a culture of yeast and bacteria. Then just keep it alive.

fermento natural - sBaila Bakesourdough starter
Natural yeast takes an average of 7 days to make

Are there any downsides?

Natural fermentation bread takes longer to get ready. Since fermentation is slow. But even the delay can be considered a strong point, since the artisanal process is relaxing and the more you learn, the more passionate it becomes.

Natural fermentation is a trip to the past.

Wheat began to be cultivated more than 10,000 years ago and the first bread was made in Egypt around 8000 BC. Much has changed since antiquity, including bread. In the 20th century, people began to add other substances to bread. Thus, in the 1970s, bread consumption in the US began to decline, and in the 1980s, artisanal bread and natural sourdough became popular again.

So, are you excited to learn to master this technique that has its origins in antiquity and that will give you pleasure and contribute to a healthier life?

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