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Descartes de Levain - Baila Bakes
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Fermento natural ou Levain? Qual a diferença

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Fermento natural ou levain? Muita gente se confunde com esses termos. Qual a diferença? Vamos jogar uma luz nesse assunto? O que é fermento natural? Fermento natural é uma cultura de microrganismos do fungo saccharomyces cerevisiae e bactérias. Aquela massinha que você cultivou durante dias (ou semanas), ao misturar farinha e […]

Pão de fermentacão natural - miolo

The ABC or Glossary of Artisan Bread


When we learn something new, we come across a lot of new words. With bread it is no different. So, before we get our hands dirty, it's always good to stay on top of the most used terms. That's why I created an ABC or artisanal bread glossary, with […]

Pão de fermentação natural - Sourdough bread Baial Bakes
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Why make sourdough breads


Making bread is always considered a challenge for anyone who loves to cook. And whoever embarks on the adventure of learning how to make bread, at some point, will come across natural yeast. And once you learn a little more about natural yeast, you'll want to know more and […]

O pão e a mania de perfeição

Bread and the mania for perfection


The photo, the text and the bread. Everything on the newspaper page looked like a cross between a mirror and a crystal ball. It really reflected my moment and who knows a future. A baker with a wide smile, proudly displayed a loaf of bread. The report spoke of a new bakery […]